Adventure Elopements in the Canadian Rocky Mountains – Looking back on 2020

2020 – The Year for Adventure Elopements

2020 was the year for adventure elopements in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We were so lucky to create memories for some incredible couples this past year, and for that, we are so grateful. We spent time over the New Year to reflect on all the adventures and stories that filled up our year and our hearts.

Like most, our year was turned upside down in March. Our focus became helping our couples navigate the new restrictions that came with the pandemic. We had planned to travel through Patagonia in April and instead took that time and energy to rebrand and focus on what we love doing most, small adventurous elopements in the mountains.

Exploring the Canadian Rocky Mountains

This year as the world shut down around us and it allowed us to be fully present where we are. We are so grateful for the time spent exploring this little corner of the Earth that we call home. With each new adventure, we find many more to add to our never ending list of places to explore. There is never a dull moment in this wild mountain playground. There is nothing better than helping our couples find the perfect locations to experience something unique and special on their wedding day.

We hope you enjoy a look into our year! Lacing up hiking boots, camping under the stars and searching for beautiful views to share meaningful moments.

Happy New Year!
Bec and Andrew