Adventure Elopement Packing Guide


What to Pack for Your Adventure Elopement in the Mountains.

This Adventure Elopement Packing Guide is for anyone planning an Adventure Elopement, Engagement or celebrating with a hike in the mountains. It’s important to be prepared for the weather and climate of the area. As wedding and elopement photographers in the Canadian Rocky Mountains we are used to unpredictable weather. It’s this weather that makes the most unique and dramatic images! We have put together this Packing guide to make sure you are prepared for your shoot in the mountains!

Here is a list of gear we recommend bringing on any adventure in the mountains:

Good Hiking Boots

We always recommend having good footwear in the mountains. The terrain can be rocky and if you choose us as your photographers you can almost guarantee we’ll be walking a little so find the amazing views!

• Warm Layers

When heading up into the mountains the temperature can drop as much as 20 degrees when you factor in the wind. By preparing for the worst it will insure a comfortable adventure as the weather can change quickly! * Pro tip: if you get skin coloured leggings you can wear them under your dress and you won’t even notice them in the photos! 

• A Good Jacket

We’ve heard it before ‘it’s only one day, I can handle the cold’ If you are wearing a dress you will be cold and it’s important to bring a warm coat to keep you warm in between photos. Bring something that you can put on and off easily and that warms you up fast. If you aren’t planning on hiking for too long a blanket can also be a nice thing to bring along to wrap yourself in or set down if you want to have a picnic or drink.

• Rain Gear

A good raincoat is essential when hiking whether you use it for some bad weather or just as a windbreaker. We always carry umbrellas for locations that you can drive to! Extra socks are always a good idea incase your first pair get wet!

• Gloves and a Toque

Even in the summer the temperatures can get quite cold, especially if you are hiking for sunrise or sunset. You will be so happy to have something to keep your hands and ears warm.

• A Backpack

I don’t know if there’s anything sweeter than a bride with her flowers and dress tucked into her hiking backpack ready for adventure. You’ll also need to fill this with delicious treats and warm things for the day.

• Food and Water

Remember you need to eat throughout the day. Bring some snacks to keep you going and lots of water. It’s also a day to celebrate so bring some beers, champagne, cake, or whatever you want to share with your loved one to go along with the view!

• Rings

Write it down so you don’t forget them and make sure you pack them in a reliable pocket or section of your bag so they can’t fall out!

• Vow Books

One thing we always recommend is picking up some vow books, even if it’s just something simple. There is something so beautiful about the process of writing your vows out in a book and reading them out loud. You don’t want to have your phone in your hand or risk your battery dying from the cold! You can also keep the books as memories of the day and read them to each other on your anniversary!

• Touch Up Bag

When you hike, your hair and makeup might get a little messy so having a little bag with some touch up items might be nice. We always make sure to bring along a little mirror for you as well.

Every adventure is different so some of these things are definitely not necessary for all elopements. We will help you during the planning process but thought we would share this list as a starting point to ensure an enjoyable day in the mountains. We always supply headlamps for sunrise and sunset hikes and micro spikes for winter hikes!

Happy Trails!