Hiking Wedding Photographers in Banff National Park

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Gagan & Lizzie

Hiking Wedding Photographers in Banff National Park

As hiking wedding photographers in Banff National Park we love planning sunrise adventures in the mountains! This was such an incredible day to be a part of! Gagan and Lizzie are two of the sweetest humans we have ever met. They made us feel welcome amongst their group of amazing friends and we felt such a connection with everyone.

Finding the Perfect Place in the Mountains for Your Day

One of the hardest parts of planning an elopement or intimate wedding in the Banff area is deciding where that special spot is going to be. There are so many amazing mountain top views, meadows, lakes, waterfalls you name it! We love being a part of this process and helping you find that place that takes your breath away. 

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Gagan and Lizzie are mountain girls. They live in Canmore and love going on adventures together and with their pup Pumpkin! They knew right away that they wanted to elope on top of a mountain for sunrise and bring all their special people along to share it with them. Because to them, one of the best parts of going on a crazy adventure is sharing the memories with the people you love! 

Chatting with Lizzie and Gagan over a beer, we tried to narrow down where their special spot would be for their ceremony. They wanted to hike up to somewhere amazing but wanted it to be unique and special to them. We threw out some ideas of places we had always wanted to do a mountain top ceremony and one name stuck. Lizzie’s eyes lit up and she was reading a book about the very mountain that we had suggested. That week, they hiked up to scout it out and decided that was the place! Because of that they decided to gift the book to their friends who they invited to come on the hike with them as their wedding invitations. We loved this idea so much!

Their Story

Gagan and Lizzie have an amazing story. Lizzie is from New Zealand and met Gagan while working in Canmore. She jumped in Gagan’s car on a quick trip to run some errands in Calgary not knowing much about her. On the way back to Canmore the weather got worse and it was snowing heavily. A lot of snow for a day in early October! Just as they were nearing home the traffic stopped and they found out that they had closed the highway due to dangerous conditions. They had no idea that they would be stuck in the car together for 10 more hours! Let’s just say it went well because here we were witnessing their wedding 2 years later! Now they share a beautiful place in Canmore with their pup pumpkin and run a growing business together.  

A Mountain Top Ceremony at Sunrise and an Intimate Backyard Reception 

We met Gagan, Lizzie and a small group of their closed friends at a trailhead one chilly summer morning. We all huddled around with our headlamps and hiking boots on waiting for the crew to arrive. When everyone was together we made our way up the not so well-marked trail to our destination. When we got to the spot we knew it was going to be an amazing morning. This location was almost made for an intimate wedding with a large flat rocky area overlooking an amazing lake. We couldn’t believe our eyes. 

As everyone snacked on chocolate croissants brought by their friend Jess, Gagan and Lizzie got ready in their amazing dresses. They looked incredible together as the sun rose and turned the skies and mountains pink around them. We took a few portraits in this amazing light and then headed up to meet their friends. Sharon, Gagan’s ex-school principal who she is still close to guided their amazing ceremony. The sun broke through the mountains as they were sharing their vows to one another. It couldn’t have been more beautiful. 

We then explored the area before hiking back down. Everyone jumped in the lake to cool off before heading back to Canmore. There was just enough time to squeeze in a nap before everyone met up at Lizzie and Gagan’s backyard for dinner to celebrate. We had such an amazing time with these two and we feel so lucky to have shared these memories with them. Hope you enjoy looking through what an amazing day it was!


Gagan’s dress: Pooja’s Boutique
Catering: Trotter’s Catering