Moraine Lake Wedding Photography

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Paulina & Bezan


Moraine Lake Wedding Photography

Moraine Lake wedding photography stands out for its incredibly blue water and mountain views. It’s known as one of the most beautiful accessible views in Banff National Park, Alberta. This is why many people travel from all of the world to take a photo in front of this magical place. The questions we get asked the most when shooting there is “why is the water so blue? We thought it was just edited that way in photos!” 

Moraine Lake is located just outside of the village of Lake Louise, a short drive from Banff, Alberta. The lake is glacier-fed and the bright blue water is a result of light refracting off the fine particles in the water. These  particles are caused by the glaciers scraping over the rocks and creating a sediment called “rock flour”. The colour of the water changes so much based on the weather, time of day and season. It all depends on what the light is doing on the day and how it reacts with the sediment in the water.

Post Wedding Adventure Session in the Rocky Mountains

Paulina and Bezan originally planned a destination wedding with their family and friends but due to Covid, they had to postpone their plans. They decided they didn’t wait to wait to officially get married so they had a small intimate ceremony at home on their original date. To celebrate, they booked a mini honeymoon in Banff and got in contact with us to get some fun wedding photos in the mountains. After chatting through ideas we decided that a sunrise shoot at Moraine Lake was the perfect plan!

In her stunning silk dress, Paulina hopped across the rocks barefoot and free. We watched as the sun crept over the horizon and lit up the Valley of the Ten Peaks behind us. It was such a beautiful morning and we took advantage of all the amazing viewpoints around the rockpile. 

We had so much fun getting to know these two wonderful humans. It just shows that no matter what this pandemic brings, change of plans and all, there is always a way to celebrate in an amazing way.