Banff Adventure Engagement Session

Banff Engagement Photographers

Jenna and Craig

Banff Adventure Engagement Session

This Banff adventure engagement session was one of the most beautiful mornings spent hiking in the mountains. For any of you who have been following along our work for a while we are going to sound like a broken record. We’ll say it again anyway! Getting up for sunrise is one of the most amazing ways that you can explore the mountains. The trails are quieter, the light is incredible and hiking by headlamp is such a wonderful experience that everyone should try!

Planning a Sunrise Hiking Adventure in the Mountains

We’d be lying if we said that planning an adventure like this was easy. A lot of time goes into planning the hike, researching conditions and even doing the hike itself. But like the saying goes ‘nothing worth doing ever comes easy.’ It’s these challenges that make the most incredible memories for our couples and for us, that’s what these hiking adventure shoots are all about. 

Jenna and Craig love spending time in the mountains together. Whether it be hiking, biking or skiing, the mountains are where these two make their fondest memories together. When they got in contact with us they knew they wanted to plan a fun adventure. Often we are the ones suggesting hikes to our couples. In this case, Jenna and Craig did their own research and found the perfect mountain for their adventure session. It looked stunning and it was one that we had been wanting to get up for a while so we couldn’t wait to explore this summit for the first time. 

Shooting Stars, Pink Skies and a Sea of Mountains

With our job we have seen a lot of sunrise’s in the mountains but this day had to be one of the most incredible mornings we have ever seen. This adventurous duo chose a hike that was one of the higher summits in the area. This meant that the views from the top were so expansive. There was not a cloud in the sky and we watched millions of stars shimmer above us as we made our way up. 

We reached the summer just as the dawn light began to slowly light up the sea of mountains around us. As the light changes throughout the morning it creates unique opportunities to make some pretty amazing photos. This ever-changing light is what makes these experiences so special. Jenna was wearing a beautiful dress which picked up the wind while we hiked around the peak. It was one of those mornings where you can’t beleive what you are seeing through your camera! 

One for the Books

Before heading down Jenna and Craig signed the summit register. A little notepad and pen are stashed at the top of most mountain summits to record who successfully made it up from year to year. There are often fun stories to read from other hikers over the years. We think their story was a pretty lovely one to add to the history books. 

Hope you enjoy a look at this beautiful Banff adventure engagement session. We still can’t believe what a stunning morning it was and feel so lucky to have shared it with these two! 



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