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Canmore Sunrise Hike

Akshita & Chad

Canmore Engagement Photographers

As Canmore engagement photographers we love finding amazing mountain top locations for hiking adventure shoots. This one was nothing short of incredible! All the right elements came together to make for such a beautiful morning. A fun adventurous couple, an amazing clear morning and some wild scenery!

Akshita and Chad first got in contact with us when they were planning a road trip out to Banff National Park. They wanted to make the most of the incredible scenery and get some engagement photos done while they were out this way. They decided on a sunrise hike and we began the search for the perfect mountain! They wanted to find a dramatic lookout that would compliment the golden outfit she had brought. With a larger snowpack this year, the challenge was to find something clear of snow so their photos were rugged and rocky. Together we found the perfect trail and started making plans! 

Sunrise Hiking Adventure

Our alarms went off at 1:30 am. We made some coffee, gathered our camera gear, headlamps and took off for the trailhead. Akshita, Chad and their pup Zara met us at the parking lot, we tied up our boots, gathered our things and headed off on our adventure! The sky was clear and the stars were incredible. We even watched the sliver of the moon rise over the mountains while we took a break and Akshita did her makeup.

As we watched the glow begin to appear on the horizon we made the final push to our destination. Akshita pulled out her stunning golden dress and  matching jewellery from her backpack and threw it on just as the peaks were beginning to light up. We couldn’t believe how perfect the scene was and excitedly ran around the dramatic cliffs, playing in the perfect light.
We had so much fun with these two and can’t wait to celebrate with them again at their wedding in Kelowna later this year.



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