Banff Engagement Photographers at Moraine Lake

Sunrise Adventure Engagement

Kaitlan & Alex

Banff Engagement Photographers at Moraine Lake

As Banff engagement photographers at Moraine Lake we love planning sunrise adventure sessions at this iconic location! This wonderful morning started early driving down the Moraine Lake road, just outside of Lake Louise. Watching The Valley Of The Ten Peaks silhouetted against the night sky never ceases to amaze us on the windy drive up to this amazing place. Each time we visit throughout the summer it seems to get more and more magical. One question we always get asked is do we ever get sick of these views? The answer, definitely not! With varying light, weather and company comes a new appreciation and set of unique elements that we get to work within. This makes every shoot different and fun!

An Engagement Shoot to Farewell the Mountains

Kaitlan and Alex met in Ontario and travelled out to Alberta together to live out West for a little. A little turned into six amazing years and these two found themselves falling in love with the mountains and landscapes around them. They always knew they would eventually head back home when the time was right to be closer to their families. 2020 was the year to do so but decided not to tell anyone their plans! So a week after this shoot they packed up their things and moved home to surprise their friends and family!

The mountains was one thing they explained was going to be hard to leave. Therefore Kaitlan and Alex wanted to celebrate their time in Alberta with some amazing sunrise engagement photos at Moraine Lake. We were lucky to get such a beautiful morning and the peaks lit up as the sun crept over the mountain ranges. Exploring around this incredible landscape was so much fun with these two! We can’t wait to hear how Kaitlan and Alex’s big surprise went down and hope you enjoy a look into this amazing morning at Moraine!


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