Backcountry Camping Elopement in Kananaskis

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Taffin & Jared

Backcountry Camping Elopement in Kananaskis

This Backcountry Camping Elopement in Kananaskis was one of the most amazing adventure elopements we have ever had the chance to photograph! When we met Taffin and Jared we immediately knew they were our kind of people. Sharing a love for hiking, camping and exploring the amazing mountains that surround where we live. We were so stoked when they asked us to be a part of their next adventure they were planning, a camping elopement in the mountains with their adventure pup Whisky!

Camping in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Camping is one of our favourite things to do together in the summer months here in the Canadian Rockies. Nothing makes you feel more alive than spending a night or two under the stars. No cell service, no emails, just time enjoying being outside with good company. It really makes you appreciate the simple things in life. In our opinion, these are all reasons why it’s an incredible way to spend your wedding day. 

Planning a Camping Elopement Wedding

The first exciting step to planning their wedding was deciding on a location. Between the four of us, we had lots of ideas for favourite backcountry sites in the area. The hard part was picking one! We went through maps of National and Provincial Parks and had fun hunting for the perfect place that they would spend the first night as husband and wife. In the end, we decided on a little spot we had stumbled upon camping with friends a few weeks earlier. Hidden in a unique area in Kananaskis. Somewhere where we could find our own campsite, have a campfire by our tent and be more a little more isolated. It reflected exactly what Taffin and Jared built their relationship doing. Jumping in the car on a weekend and finding somewhere to random camp on a whim. It was perfect.

Including Your Family in Your Elopement Day

When most people think of elopements they think of two people secretly running away and getting hitched, just the two of them. Things have shifted a lot from that old school definition of the word and people are choosing to do things their own way. Creating new traditions that are special for them. Although Taffin and Jared wanted to keep their wedding a secret to their friends and family until after the day it was important for them to include their parents. Deciding to take advantage of Alberta’s new temporary marriage commissioner application, they asked all four of their parents to perform their marriage ceremony. It was so beautiful and such a nice beginning to their wedding adventure. 

Their Story

Taffin, Jared and Whisky rolled into Upper Kananaskis Lake with their new project, an avocado yellow trailer they are renovating by the name of ‘Rosie.’ They jumped in the back and got ready in their wedding gear. Together with their parents they headed down to the lakeshore to make it official! This was one of the most beautiful and unique wedding ceremonies we have had the pleasure to watch. Each parent took turns leading the couple through their ceremony. Laughing and crying together through their vows, ring exchange and ‘I Do’s.’ Afterwards, we headed back to where Rosie was parked and had a big picnic lunch, signed the official documents and sweet words of advice and pride were shared for their newly joined family.

Bags packed and bellies full, we headed off on our amazing backcountry camping adventure! Hiking through one of the most beautiful valleys in the area, we watched the landscape shift before our eyes. After a few hours we came to our home for the night. We set up tents, built a fire and made some dinner. Then headed out for some sunset photos to explore the area. We hung out around the fire with Whisky (the dog and the liquor) and watched the stars develop in the sky. Knowing that a 4am alarm was set for the morning to catch sunrise, we decided to take a few night shots before heading off to bed. The glow of the Northern Lights on the horizon topped off a night we didn’t think could be more spectacular. 

Sunrise Hikes and Reciting Vows Amongst the Alpine Glow 

4am came and we slipped out of our sleeping bags and back into our hiking boots. We hiked up a small unnamed ridge to catch sunrise. The moon guided us to our destination where Taffin and Jared shared private vows at dawn. Whisky curled up on Taffin’s dress made for the most beautiful scene of this sweet family. We watched the peaks light up around us as the sun broke through the clouds. Taking advantage of the glowing light we took some more photos overlooking one of the most amazing views we have yet to discover in this area. 

When we got back down we all needed a little nap and the sun warmed up our tents as we slept. Taffin and Jared hiked out in their wedding gear with ‘Just Eloped’ signs strung to their backpacks. There was a chorus of ‘Congratulations’ from hikers all the way out!


Bride’s Dress: Etsy
Officiants: Bride and groom’s parents
Flowers: Made by bride, silk flowers from Silk Plan Warehouse, Calgary
Whisky’s Flower Collar: TwelvePaws, Calgary
Brides Rings: La Kaiser and Ebony and Sparrow
Grooms Ring: Alpha Tungsten

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