Kananaskis Hiking Engagement Photos

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Cindy & Charles

Kananaskis Hiking Engagement Photos

These Kananaskis Hiking Engagement Photos were well worth the 2 am wake up call! Sunrise has got to be the most magical time in the mountains. Hiking up with only the light of your headlamps, the views slowly develop revealing the peaks around you. All while the world is still sleeping.

Unpredictable Weather in the Rocky Mountains

The weather this spring has been very dramatic in Alberta. There has been a lot of thunderstorms passing through and the weather can change in an instant. We always keep up to date with the forecasts as we were heading off to sleep it looked like it was going to be a beautiful morning! We set our alarms for 2.15 am with our camera bags packed and hiking boots ready to go for the morning. Before our alarm could wake us up I woke up to a clap of thunder. Not the best sound when you are planning to climb a mountain. You don’t wait to be stuck on an exposed ridge in a storm, especially when you are planning a photoshoot! We quickly checked the weather radars and it showed that storms were rolling through the valley. We got on the phone with Cindy and Charles and began to talk throughout options. The radar was changing every 5 minutes making our very tired brains struggle to make a call. It didn’t look like any weather was going to hit the ridge we were planning to hike until later in the morning so we geared up and headed out!

Hiking in Kananaskis Country to Celebrate their Engagement 

We love it when our couples are down to go on an epic adventure for their photos. Cindy and Charles told us they loved our photos where there were dramatic cliffs and rocky viewpoints so we listed all of our favourite hikes that might give them the look they were hoping for. Working with each couple to fulfil their vision is one of the favourite parts of our job. We get to custom design their experience to make sure they have lifelong memory and incredible photos to go along with it. Hiking allows you to get such an amazing variety in your photos. You can explore the 360-degree views to get some wild shots. As the light changes throughout the morning, so will the feeling of your photos, telling a story of your adventure together.

A Red Dress and Dapper Suit in the Mountains

Cindy and Charles had an amazing vision which we could see when they changed into their formal clothes. Cindy’s bright red dress picked up the alpine wind and looked incredible with the scenery surrounding them. We spent the morning hiking along ridges to the summit, dropping down to rocky platforms and really exploring everything the landscape had to offer. We feel so lucky to have created these moments for this fun couple and we hope you enjoy a look into this wild adventure!