Canmore Adventure Engagement Session

Kananaskis Engagement Photographers

Morgan & Travis

Canmore Adventure Engagement Session

This Canmore Adventure Engagement Session was one we’ll never forget! We had been chatting with Morgan and Travis about their engagement ideas for a while before this shoot.  We knew they wanted to go on a big beautiful hike with breathtaking mountain views. They just had to find the one that felt right to them both! We sent through some options and they decided that the views in this remote Kananaskis location were second to none and warranted the midnight start to get up there for sunrise. As you can see from the photos, it was well worth it!

Plan Your Photography Sessions Around What’s Right For You Both!

First and foremost you gotta’ do what’s right for you! We will be your biggest supporters when you are navigating your wedding plans. There will always be people in your life who have opinions and will urge you to do things in certain ways. The most important thing is to do what feels right to you both! Morgan and Travis were amazing advocates of this idea and we really respect them for that! 

A Surprise Elopement Before Their Adventure Engagement Session!

We set up a call with Morgan and Travis to finalise all the details for their adventure engagement session a week before the hike. They had some exciting news to share! Since we had last spoke, they had decided to elope spontaneously and they were already married! They explained that since there was a lot going on in 2020 they had decided to push their original wedding date to 2021 but they had always felt like they didn’t want to wait another year. When COVID hit and everything seemed to come to a halt around them they decided that getting married this year in a small and simple way was what was right for them. So they said ‘I do’ in a wide-open field staring out into the big Albertan sky and it was perfect.

They explained that they were still so excited to go on an adventure for their engagement shoot even though things were a little out of order. We love that these two did things their own way and we feel so lucky to have met them both and their pup Toby and shared this incredible morning. Travis even brought his fishing rod along and we enjoyed some time by the lakes on our way down.

We hope you enjoy a look into this stunning sunrise over one of our favourite views in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.