Jasper Park Lodge Elopement

Jasper Elopement Photographers

Sheila & Christian

Jasper Park Lodge Elopement

This Jasper Park Lodge Elopement was such an amazing sunrise adventure! Sheila and Christian’s day began with a sunrise hike then we went on a road trip to an incredible waterfall all before 10 am! Then we headed back to Jasper Park Lodge for their morning ceremony and picnic lunch. If you ask us, it was the perfect way to tie the knot in one of the most picturesque places on the planet.

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Sunrise Hiking Elopement

When Sheila and Christian told us that they were flexible on the day we suggested that they try to plan a part of their day around sunrise or sunset. The light at this time of day is so amazing in the mountains and it makes for amazing portraits! When they told us they were up for a sunrise adventure we were super excited to find the perfect locations in Jasper National Park to take advantage of the golden light.

One of our favourite things about sunrise adventures is that in the summer it’s very early in the morning! This means that you are almost always the only people out making for a very intimate and unique experience. This is why most couples plan an elopement in the first place. For it to be just you sharing an amazing experience and to do it while the world is still sleeping is just so romantic.

Their Story

Sheila and Christian were originally planning to have an intimate wedding in Hawaii with their families in the fall. Due to the Coronavirus, like many other couples, they had to adjust their plans. They decided they didn’t wait to wait and started making plans to elope locally instead! I mean Jasper National Park isn’t a bad plan B if you ask us! They told us about their love the mountains and how they are always up for an adventure. We knew this was going to be a fun one!

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Jasper National Park Photo Locations

One of our favourite parts of our job is suggesting locations for portraits. This is the part of the day when you get to explore with each other and find some amazing spots! Jasper National Park is a photographers playground! There are so many incredible locations within the park and so much variety to choose from. Sheila mentioned she would like to incorporate a waterfall into some of her photos and we knew of just the place! 

Morning Ceremony and a Picnic Lunch at Jasper Park Lodge

By the time we had wrapped up their portraits, it was only 10am! We headed back to Jasper Park Lodge for their morning ceremony and picnic lunch! There was a gaggle of geese on the lake as their audience and a light sprinkle of rain made the most beautiful patterns on the lake behind them. We watched these two say I do with the viewpoint we had hiked up for sunrise in the background. 

We hope you enjoy a look into this beautiful sunrise elopement!