Camping Adventure Elopement in Alberta

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Caitlin & Steve

Camping Adventure Elopement in Alberta

This camping adventure elopement in Alberta was such a unique wedding to be a part of! The story behind how we met Cait and Steve is a fun one. We were hiking with another couple for their adventure elopement at Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park and we met Cait and Steve in the cooking shelter there. We chatted about their upcoming wedding plans and connected about our love for hiking and different huts in the area. They had already booked with a photographer and were planning a small sunrise hike before their ceremony in Canmore so they could still enjoy the day with their family and friends.

A few months later we got a call from Lisa from Everlasting Impressions Wedding Planning. She had a couple who had some issues with their original plans and were looking for a photographer for their upcoming hiking wedding. She knew we hiked a lot for elopements so passed our name along. Turns out that couple was Caitlin and Steve! We couldn’t wait to connect with them again and chat about their plans for the day.

Navigating Wedding Plans During a Global Pandemic

Since we had last spoke they had changed their plans to just include the two of them. Their family were all in Ontario and with the pandemic, it just didn’t make sense for everyone to travel. Caitlin told us how the whole process had left her a little disheartened. We wanted them to feel excited again for this amazing day in their lives so we suggested that they find something that they had always wanted to do together and make that a part of their plans. We knew these two were up for a crazy adventure so naturally, a camping elopement just made sense.

Caitlin and Steve asked us to suggest some places that we had always wanted to do a shoot. We both looked at each other and we both knew we were thinking of the same place, a wild ridge walk deep in the mountains. One that took three days to complete. And that was it! Caitlin and Steve were in and we started working together to make it happen!

Planning a Camping Elopement in the Mountains

We love every chance we get to go camping in the mountains. There is something so beautiful about hiking out into the wilderness. Just you and the elements. It’s also such a beautiful way to experience an intimate elopement day for those who love being in the outdoors. You can truly focus on each other without any distractions and experience something that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Camping overnight also allows you to get to some pretty remote places. The other advantage is that you get to make the most of two beautiful times of day, sunset and sunrise. If you’re lucky you might even get to stargaze through the night. With Caitlin and Steve, we got to experience all of that and more!

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Their Story

After a few meetings and once we decided on the perfect hike all the details of their adventure elopement began to fall into place. Caitlin and Steve wanted to have their ceremony somewhere accessible so that their officiant Twyla could be the one to marry them. Lisa set up the most beautiful ceremony decor and Caitlin walked down an aisle made of driftwood by a mountain lake. After their ceremony, we all celebrated with some champagne and packed up our bags ready for our 3-day hike!

Caitlin and Steve are true adventurers at heart and first met on a hike that a mutual friend had organised. Since then they have been checking off hikes and scrambles throughout the Rockies and it has been a foundation in their relationship. Caitlin said as we were hiking through the night on top of a ridge ‘it wouldn’t be our wedding without a little bit of suffering.’ But in our experience all the good things in life take a little effort to achieve and what a great way that is to start a new chapter in your life.

From finding some pretty epic camping locations to late-night chats over hot apple cider and whisky, we loved every minute of this adventure elopement. We feel so lucky that we got to share these memories with this happy couple and were stoked to get some crazy photos along the way that reflect who they are and what they love doing together. Thanks for following along and hope you enjoy a look into this wild adventure.


Wedding Coordinator: Lisa Laplante of Everlasting Impressions
Officiant: Twyla Jacobson
Hair and Makeup: Errika of Simply Me
Flowers: Alpine Blooms
Photographer and Adventure Planning: Willow & Wolf Photography