Banff Engagement Photos at Lake Minnewanka

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Beatrix and Chris

Banff Engagement Photos at Lake Minnewanka

These Banff engagement photos at Lake Minnewanka were so much fun to create! We explored around the lake, mountains and fields with this beautiful couple. Chris and Bea travelled from Manitoba for their engagement and elopement shoots and wanted to make the most of the amazing mountain landscaped in Banff National Park. After sharing some of our favourite locations in the area they decided that Lake Minnewanka was the had the perfect variety of landscapes they were looking for in their photos. 

Soft Smoke in the Evening Light

Due to wildfires burning throughout the western states of the US we saw smokey skies late into September. The smoke creates the most beautiful soft, hazy light in the mountains. We think it creates the most romantic photos and we were lucky to still be able to see all the mountains around us. Bea wore the most beautiful long-sleeved cream dress which complimented the pastel evening light. Everything about this shoot was so dreamy!

How to Make Sure You Get Variety in Your Engagement Photos

We always try and get as much variety in your photos as possible for every session. By taking advantage of all the unique views at your chosen location, we insure that we return a gallery that is full of diverse images. There are a few main ways in which you can plan for this:

  • Pick a location with lots of different elements 
    We always suggest choosing a location with lots of different textures and landscapes. Lake Minnewanka is amazing as you can get photos by the lake, in the forest and around the surrounding meadows.

  • Bring two different outfit choices
    It’s definitely not necessary but some couples like to bring two different outfits. One more formal and one more casual. This allows you to have two different feels in your final photo gallery. Bea chose to wear a long formal dress by the lake which gave her an elegant look and then wore a fun yellow sweater while running through fall coloured meadows.

  • Be flexible with time and location
    Right up until the day we will search for unique vantage points and places to explore that will give you a wide variety in your photos. By staying flexible and trusting your photographer you will get a wide range of photos to choose from.

Hope you enjoyed reading through these few tips for your Banff engagement photos and we hope you enjoy looking through this amazing session!