Patagonia Adventure Elopement: Where Love and Exploration Collide

Patagonia Elopement Photographers

Vanessa and Steve

Patagonia Adventure Elopement

This Patagonia adventure elopement was a dream wedding day for any couple who loves exploring remote mountainscapes.
We’re going to take you on a journey to the most southern corners of the Earth. A dream-like place where horses roam the windswept grassy plains and endless glaciers flow into vibrant blue lakes.

Planning an Elopement in a Remote Location

When Vanessa and Steve first reached out they knew the vision for their elopement day but they were open to a location. They wanted it to be somewhere they had never travelled to before, somewhere that evoked a sense of adventure and wonder. When we told them we were going to be in Patagonia in the fall, they jumped on board and joined us on the long and rewarding journey down south. There are a few main regions in Patagonia to explore but these two were most excited about Torres Del Paine and the trails and landscapes that surround this remote National Park. We quickly got to work researching accommodation and potential locations for their trip and found the perfect place to call home base.

Lakeside Cabins and Unpredictable Weather

Perched on an island, with its only access being a narrow footbridge, we saw Hosteria Lago Pehoe for the first time. This little hotel would be the perfect home for the next few nights as we explored Torres Del Paine National Park. This is one of the most remote places we have ever travelled to for an elopement day. The closest services are two hours away and there are only a few places to stay in the National Park.

After both driving long distances, we arrived at dusk with just enough light to make our way to dinner. That night we sat down, eating Chilean food and making plans for the next few days together. We couldn’t have been more excited to get out and explore the beautiful trails surrounding us.

To say Patagonia’s weather is tumultuous is an understatement. In our time exploring the region, we experienced wind that knocked us off our feet, snow storms, rain, rainbows, sunshine and days that felt utterly perfect. We learnt quickly how to study the weather forecast and make the most of the time we were together, always searching for that small window of amazing weather.

A Moody First Look to Start the Adventure of a Lifetime

On our first morning, we decided to plan a first look at a perfect location we had found while scouting out the area. With a chance of rain in the forecast we knew this would make for moody dramatic photos. We weren’t wrong and when we arrived the low clouds were dancing around the mountain peaks. It was so beautiful as Vanessa walked out to meet Steve waiting on the rocky outcrops in front of the water.
We explored the area taking in all the fall colours and mountain views before heading back home for a much-needed coffee.

Later that afternoon, the skies cleared and we took some time to relax around the lake and write out their vows to each other. We planned to do a sunset hike to get a view of the park at a higher elevation, but before we headed off we decided to soak in the sunshine with some champagne on the lakeshore.

A Stunning Sunrise at Mirador las Torres

When planning out this adventure elopement, we knew that hiking up to Mirador las Torres for sunrise was a must-do during our time together. At almost 20km roundtrip and around 900 meters of elevation gain, this hike is no easy feat but when you see the view, it’s more than worth it!
We started the hike around 3 am with our headlamps on not knowing what the morning would bring. We could see some colour on the horizon which is always a good sign for an incredible sunrise but with high clouds we knew we only had limited time for the light to hit the towers.
The wind gusts were strong and icy cold. Vanessa and Steve had originally planned to say their vows to one another but we quickly realised it would be too cold to enjoy the moment. Instead, we focused on getting some epic portraits and keeping warm, which allowed us to soak in the wild views.

A Perfect Last Morning Together

We had one last morning together before these two packed up and headed off on their next adventure so we knew we had to make it count. We found a beautiful grassy area sheltered from the wind to share their private vows and exchange rings. The golden grass rustled at their feet and the peaks burned pink behind them as they shared promises. This would mark the first adventure of many in this long and beautiful love story.

We felt so lucky to have had the chance to spend so much time exploring this magical area with these two. What started as a few messages on Instagram turned into a friendship we cherish. These two humans are so kind and sweet and were up for all the crazy ideas we threw their way. Thank you for trusting us to create these memories for you both and hope you all enjoy looking through some of the moments from this wild adventure!


Photographers: Willow and Wolf
Destination: Hosteria Pehoe, Torres Del Paine National Park, Patagonia
Dress: Victoria Lane Brides
Flowers: Flores y Piedras
Rings: Hers: Perrara (Designer: Noam Carver, Parade Designs), His: European Goldsmith (Designer: Malo)
Suit – Tip Top Tailors