Horseback Elopement: A Love Story in the Heart of the Canadian Rockies

Banff Elopement Photographers

Kira and Curtis

Horseback Elopement in Alberta Canada

This Horseback Elopement in Alberta, Canada was one of the most unique intimate weddings we have photographed in the Canadian Rocky Mountains to date!

Get ready to be swept away as we share the story of a girl who fell head over heels for a cowboy, diving headfirst into a life of adventure. We couldn’t have been more excited to document this elopement day deep in the mountains with their horses by their sides.

Planning an Elopement Day that Reflects Your Story.

When a horse trainer from Saskatchewan meets a girl from the mountains magic happens. Kira and Curt spend their free time together seeking out camping spots in the mountains with their horses and trail riding together. When they reached out to us about their elopement day they wanted to plan something that felt true to them. Bringing their horses out on a trail ride in the mountains somewhere, having a picnic and camping out under the stars. Nothing makes us more excited than documenting adventures that reflect our couples’ story and we quickly got to work to find the perfect place to celebrate together. 

Finding the Perfect Location for a Horseback Elopement Trip.

These two turned from clients to friends almost immediately. They invited us out to their ranch to meet their horses and took us out on a trail ride to scout out a few locations they were considering for their elopement day. We had so much fun being immersed in their world and learning about the bond humans and horses develop. The love and respect transcend beyond their own. After a lot of research and many camping trips scouting in the mountains, Kira and Curt landed on a beautiful area which ticked all the boxes. 

  • A beautiful quiet campground with a forested area for their ceremony.
  • Stables for their horses.
  • Lots of trails to explore including a mountain summit which had incredible views to share their private vows.
  • Open areas close by to stargaze.
  • No cell service so they could be truly in the moment.

Making the Most of a Camping Elopement in the Mountains.

We design our camping elopements to make the most of the best light in the Rocky Mountains. Planning shoots for sunset, stars and sunrise. We were so lucky on this day to get the most incredible weather and made the absolute most of our time together.

We planned to ride up to the summit for sunset on the first day, early enough to explore the area, have a picnic and soak in the sunset views. When we arrived at the top, Kira and Curt got changed into their wedding attire and shared the most beautiful first look in a meadow of wildflowers. They then popped some champagne and had a picnic in the sun before getting ready for their private vows. We stood back with their horses and watched as they exchanged words with one another. Grateful for the lives they have built together so far and promises into the future. They then got on their horses and we played around in the mountain meadows until the sun went down and the stars came out.

After only a few hours of sleep, we were up again and onto another location to watch the sunrise over the valley. We drove up to a lookout point where we watched the clouds and peaks turn from pink to orange. Just down below from where we were standing we could see open fields just made for horses to galavant through so they saddled up and went for the most beautiful sunrise ride.

There are no words to describe how beautiful and intentional this horseback adventure elopement was so you’ll just have to look through all the photos below. We felt so incredibly lucky to be trusted with these memories and had so much fun with these two and their horses.

Horseback Elopement Vendors:

Photography: Willow and Wolf
Dress: Truvelle Bridal from Everthine Bridal Consignment in Calgary
Boots: Loop Collection YYC