Canadian Backcountry Adventure Elopement

BC Elopement Photographers

Selena & Matthew

Canadian Backcountry Adventure Elopement

This Canadian backcountry adventure elopement really filled the brief of an epic wedding day! Two glorious days filled with bumpy roads, muddy paws, big mountains, starry skies and allllll the love.

Planning an Adventure Elopement Day that Represents You

Selena and Matt are two adventure-loving infectious humans who truly get the most out of life. Filling their spare time with hiking and exploring with their Aussie Husky pup Senja, climbing, road-tripping and backpacking. It’s no surprise that they wanted to spend their wedding day doing all of the above.

From our very first call, we knew these two were something special. We really hit it off talking about our favourite trails, love for photography and of course coffee. They came to us exploding with ideas and we couldn’t wait to plan out a day that would really represent how deeply they loved each other and the life they had built.

A Surprise Ceremony and Breakfast Picnic

The only hesitation Selena and Matt had about eloping was that they wanted their parents to be there for the official ceremony. So the week before their wedding day, they told their parents they had been keeping an exciting secret. They had everything planned to get married next week but couldn’t do it without them!

We all met up bright and early in Canmore and found a quiet spot by the river to make it all official. Afterwards, we found some picnic tables in the sun and Matt and Selena made us pour-over coffees in cute little camp mugs they made with their new shared last name. They also picked up freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that morning as the perfect wedding day treat!

Let the Adventure Begin!

Their parents weren’t at all surprised when they found out about our next plans. Driving deep into the mountains, filling our backpacks with gear, putting on our hiking boots and spending the night in a backcountry cabin. ‘We always knew they would run away and elope in the mountains’ they all said to us over coffee that morning.

We will never forget that afternoon hiking up to our destination. As we gained more elevation the mountains and glaciers towered all around us. This place was truly special and we couldn’t wait to explore that evening for sunset. As the light got lower, we climbed higher and explored one of the most beautiful ridgelines we have ever seen. We had so much fun taking photos until the stars came out and we all managed to get a few hours of sleep before getting up for sunrise.

We didn’t think it was possible, but the morning was just as beautiful as the night before. As the sun rose, the light filtered through the valleys surrounding us. The mountain peaks turned a dusty pink, then orange as the earth turned. There was no more appropriate way for these two to celebrate their first day as husband and wife. We are so stoked they brought us along for the adventure!


Flowers: Flora Design Studio
Hair and Makeup: Bare Beauty
Rings: Ashleigh Amber Moore
Suit: Indochino
Coffee: The Roasterie
Cookies: Chunk’d