Alberta Helicopter Elopement

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Nicole & Eric

Alberta Helicopter Elopement

An Alberta helicopter elopement is one of the most adventurous ways you can celebrate an intimate wedding day in the mountains. In just a matter of minutes, you can be whisked up above the valley floor. Soaring past jagged peaks to find the perfect location to explore.

Helicopter Elopements with Rockies Heli Canada

Rockies Heli Canada is located in David Thompson Country just outside of Banff National Park. It is our go-to company for helicopter tours in Alberta. They have extensive knowledge of the landscape and work with the weather to find the perfect place to celebrate on the day. On this particular afternoon, there was some rain clouds drifting through the mountains. Because of this we chose our destination carefully with the forecast in mind. Even so, these misty days are some of our favourites for adding drama to the landscape. The dark skies add the most beautiful contrast to a white wedding dress.

An Intimate Elopement in the Mountains

Nicole and Eric met in the mountains ten years prior to their wedding date. When envisioning their wedding they couldn’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate than by returning to the mountains. When they found our helicopter elopement package, they were set on this type of adventure for their day. They invited two special guests as witnesses, Nicole’s best friend from Ontario and Eric’s sister from BC, who also put together the most heartfelt ceremony.

We all had the best time exploring on the day. From their first look in front of the helipad to hiking around in the alpine landscape and finally at their lakeside ceremony later that evening. The dark rain clouds only made the glacier-fed lake even bluer behind Nicole and Eric as they read out vows and exchanged rings. A colour blue that matched the girl’s dresses almost perfectly. Only after we celebrated with champagne and took some more portraits did it start to rain and we all ran back to the cars to sign the papers to make it all official.

As we watched them drive off at the end of the day we couldn’t help but reflect on what an amazing day this was. Embracing the weather and witnessing two beautiful people elope in the rockies!


Helicopter: Rockies Heli Canada
Flowers: Foxglove Studio
Dress: Made With Love Bridal from The Modern Bride