Katie & Ryan – Canmore Wedding Photographer

I think Katie’s friend summed up the day when he said, ‘if you were to tell me 10 years ago that Katie would be living in Canada, on a property, it the middle of nowhere, with all of the stray animals and a real-life cowboy as a husband, well I don’t think I would have believed you. The best love stories are the ones you can’t predict, and this is Katie and Ryan. Katie came over from the UK 10 years ago and since then has created a wonderful life, career, and friends. It was so special to meet all of her family from home and see how proud they are of her. And Ryan, well, when he rode down the aisle on a mini dirtbike we knew we were in for a fun day. I have never seen a group of Albertan fishermen shed so many tears as I did on this day, which is a testament to the love they have for one another and their friends. It was such a memorable day and it was a pleasure to photograph. Congratulations Katie and Ryan! We can’t wait to see what adventures life brings you in the future. 

Venue: Cornerstone Theatre


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