Intimate Villa Wedding in Tuscany Italy

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Alyshia and Nicco

Intimate Villa Wedding in Tuscany Italy

This intimate villa wedding in Tuscany Italy was such a dreamy destination wedding. Where love was celebrated amongst golden landscapes, vineyards and olive trees. The perfect location for a couple from Canada who had visited many times before and developed a deep connection with the culture. It was an easy choice for them to plan an intimate adventure to this beautiful country with a small group of their favourite humans.

First Impressions of Italy

We arrived in Venice, picked up our rental car and spent the afternoon driving through the countryside. Our destination was a historical villa where we would be spending the next few days for the wedding. As we pulled down a dirt road narrowed by lush greenery, we were immediately in love with this location. Quiet, tucked away, and full of character. We parked our car and were greeted by Nicco’s parents. They had just got back from the grocery store and were cooking up a big pasta feast. Alyshia, Nicco and their friends were on their way after spending the afternoon exploring a nearby village. We got to work in the kitchen, chopping tomatoes and drinking wine inside an old mill of the seventeenth century and felt instantly immersed in the culture and so excited for what was to come.

We spent the next day getting acquainted with the area. Getting to know everyone and making plans for the big day. We all went out on a wine tour and learnt about the region. Roaming through rolling hills of vineyards. It was heaven and the perfect way to spend the day before the wedding.

A Peaceful Morning and Scenic Drive for Portraits

The following morning everyone gathered slowly in the kitchen, sipping on coffee before starting to get ready. The girls were doing there hair and makeup in a big room on the fourth floor with windows covered in vines. The boys down the hall, ironing their shirts. When they were ready, Alyshia met Nicco on the balcony and they shared the most beautiful first look with their friends peeking out through the windows above them.

We then took a drive through the countryside to a beautiful spot with winding roads lined with cypress trees and windswept hilltops. After exploring the area a little we all made our way back to the villa where their parents were waiting for their afternoon ceremony.

An Intimate Balcony Ceremony and Outdoor Reception Under The Stars

The balcony was set with small wooden chairs and an arbour strung with drapery and roses. Everyone made their way to their seats and Nicco’s mom lead them through the most beautiful intimate ceremony. After they were pronounced husband and wife we all made our way to the other side of the villa and celebrated with a poolside cocktail hour with the most delicious wine and cheese you have ever tasted. At dusk, we made our way back down to the villa where a long table was set for an outdoor reception. It was the most perfect night to sit under the stars and enjoy a candlelit Italian dinner. We just couldn’t believe how beautiful and romantic it all was. The night continued with lots of wine, grappa and dancing before a late-night swim!

We left this destination wedding in Italy with the most beautiful memories and new friends that we adore. Hope you enjoy looking through some of the images of this dreamy day!


Photographers: Willow and Wolf
Venue: Palazzo Vanneschi, Tuscany, Italy