Canmore Sunrise Hiking Elopement

Canmore Elopement Photographers

Cynthia & Richard

Canmore Sunrise Hiking Elopement

This Canmore sunrise hiking elopement was one of those mornings in the Canadian Rocky Mountains we will never forget! Sometimes you look through your lens, at the moments unfolding in front of you and you feel so lucky that you are the one right there at that moment capturing it all. This is how we felt every second that passed on Cynthia and Richard’s sunrise elopement day.

While it’s easy to look through these photos and think how lucky we were to get such a beautiful morning in the mountains, that isn’t the full story. Cynthia and Richard had a long journey to get to this point on their elopement day with many unknowns and last-minute changes. This morning came together through their unwavering love for one another and their flexibility and easy-going, fun attitudes. 

A Global Pandemic and a Snow Storm Couldn’t Stop These Two from Having an Epic Sunrise Elopement

These two were originally planning to have their wedding in Hawaii. With family in Canada and Indonesia, they chose a destination halfway to celebrate intimately with their family and friends. Due to the global pandemic, they were forced to postpone and re-think their plans. 2020 passed by and was a hard year for these two. They both experienced loss, in what was already a challenging year. Having seen the love and respect that they hold for each other, we can see how they got through it all side by side.

This is where we came in. C and R reached out to us one evening with the idea to escape the chaos and elope. They resonated with the stories on our blog and wanted to create a special moment for themselves to say their vows and get married. They both enjoy hiking and going on backcountry camping adventures so a hiking elopement only seemed fitting. We had planned a different hike on a different day. Due to weather and snow, the day before we were all meant to meet we decided to switch up the plans. There was a snowfall warning moving through the mountains which lasted all week but we could see one clear morning in the forecast. So they changed up their plans for one last time and that was their new date! 

A Perfect Snow Covered Sunrise Over Canmore in the Heart of the Canadian Rockies

Because of all the fresh snow, the alpine scenery was incredible. Fresh snow blanketed the trees and cliffs as we made our way up to their ceremony site. Guided by headlamps, we pushed on as the mountains slowly revealed themselves in the dawn light. There wasn’t a breath of wind as we approached our destination. As the sun peaked over the mountains Cynthia walked up to Richard. It was so emotional as we could see the happiness and relief these two felt for it to finally be the moment in which they were waiting for for so long. I don’t need to say much more as you can see how the morning unfolded in these photos. Far more beautifully than I could ever articulate. 

So yes, it’s easy to look at these photos and think how lucky they were, but it was their story up until this point that led them to this place in the mountains. Somewhere between Heaven and Earth.


Commissioner: Klaus Ohlhoff
Photographers: Willow and Wolf
Dress: The Bridal Gallery
Suit: Debonair Formal Wear
Flowers: The Bundles Studio
Bow tie & pocket square: Wit
Engagement ring: Honey Jewelry
Wedding rings: Michael Hill