Camping Elopement in Alberta’s Wilderness

Banff Elopement Photographers

Kim & Quinn

Camping Elopement in Alberta’s Wilderness

A camping elopement in Alberta’s wilderness is the perfect way to celebrate an elopement if you love adventure. Picture yourself exchanging vows beside a crystal-clear lake with towering mountain peaks surrounding you. You can spend the day hiking through lush forests, spotting wildflowers, and enjoying the fresh mountain air before settling into your cozy tent for a romantic evening under the stars. This is exactly how Kim and Quinn decided to celebrate and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Finding Backcountry Locations and Embracing Nature

This day began like all the best adventures do. At a trailhead with the doors of our cars wide open and all of our camping gear sprawled all over the parking lot. But on this particular trip, the important details alongside our tents and camping mats were rings, vows and wedding attire.
Kim and Quinn love hiking and exploring together in the mountains and they knew as soon as they got engaged that they wanted to incorporate this into their wedding day. We spent a lot of time searching through maps to find the perfect place for their adventure and we landed on this beautiful remote area where we could camp high above a lake surrounded by mountains.

Sunset Vows High Above an Alpine Lake

To get to our campsite we had to cross rivers, hike through forests and climb up rocks beside a waterfall. It wasn’t an easy journey but it was well worth the views at the end. We set our tents up in the most beautiful meadow high above an alpine lake with mountains towering over us in all directions. We had a snack and Kim and Quinn got ready slowly, writing their vows out and getting changed out of their hiking gear and into their wedding gear. They shared a beautiful first look before making their way out to a viewpoint overlooking the lake. The cold wind swirled around us as they held each other and promised words of love and commitment.

A Surprise Announcement to End An Amazing Night

If the night couldn’t get any more beautiful, Kim and Quinn pulled out a little white envelope. Inside was a black and white photograph of their ultrasound. They were expecting their first baby!
As the sun set behind the mountains, a low fog set in which created the most beautiful landscapes to take portraits in. We played around the rocky outcrops until it started to get dark. To end the night we sat around a campfire and shared warm drinks and stories before sleeping out under the stars.

Hope you enjoy a look into this amazing camping elopement!


Flowers: Poppy Wynn Flower Co
Dress designer: Made with Love
Bridal boutique: Novelle Bridal
Earrings: We Dream in Colour
Necklace: Lelet NY
Tux: Derks
Hair: Edmund