Winter Engagement in Waterton

Alberta Engagement Photographers

Sienna & Graydon

Winter Engagement in Waterton

This Winter Engagement in Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta Canada was such an amazing winter session in the mountains! Sienna and Graydon are high school sweethearts and Waterton Lakes National Park is a special place for them. They spend a lot of time together camping and hiking around these familiar mountains that they couldn’t think of a more perfect place to celebrate their engagement. Sienna and Gray also love photography and being outside so we had so much in common and we felt like we had known each other forever by the end of the shoot.

Waterton Lakes National Park in the Wintertime

Winter in Waterton Lakes National Park can be harsh. This area is known to be very windy and that can make temperatures feel even colder than they already are. This day was no exception and we could feel the icy breeze coming of the lake. We were lucky that the sun was out which made the temperatures of what felt like -20 more bearable. Sienna and Gray were dressed nice and warm in winter coats and boots as we explored golden fields, icy lakes and mountain tops for their afternoon adventure. The incredible views and peaceful landscapes made up for the chilly air and we felt like the only people around for miles.

Unique Textures and Soft Light

This time of year is so special and we feel so lucky that we caught this fleeting moment when the lakes were beginning to freeze. A unique combination of negative temperatures and high winds created the most beautiful patterns in the ice along the lakeshore. This was such a mesmerising sight as they moved with the wind creating the sound of windchimes. As the afternoon sun ducked behind the mountains we had the most beautiful soft light to complement their portraits. We made the most of the afternoon by taking a little hike up Bears Hump. A small trail that was just restored recently from the 2017 wildfires. The view up there was incredible with all the blue winter tones and the full moon high above us.

We had so much fun with these two and hope you enjoy looking through this fun winter adventure in Waterton!