Road Trip Elopement in Banff National Park

Banff Elopement Photographers

Adrianna & Joey

Road Trip Elopement in Banff National Park

This road trip elopement in Banff National Park was such a perfect way to get married! Imagine forgetting all the stress that came with planning a big wedding during a world pandemic and hitting the road to elope? Well, these two did just that and it was incredible!

When Adrianna and Joey first got in contact with us, it was after coming to terms that their wedding which they had already postponed was not going to happen. They re-thought their plans and thought about what would make them excited again. And that was driving their 1984 Chevy van out to Banff and making promises to each other in front of the mountains. The fun part? They didn’t even know if their trusty red stead would make the 3500km drive across the country. But that was all a part of the adventure. This attitude and their amazing plan made us all the more excited to document this beautiful couples experience and help them plan the most memorable day together.

Planning an Intimate Elopement Experience in the Mountains

While going through the planning process with these two it became clear that to really make the most of our time together, an overnight camping adventure was the best package for them. This would allow them to share an intimate day with their parents, but still explore off the map for some epic and unique photos!

The morning of their wedding day, Adrianna and Joey got ready at Storm Mountain Lodge. The quaint log cabins only fitting for such an intimate day. With the van parked out front, Joey wrote out his vows while Adrianna got into her dress. They shared the most beautiful first look amongst the wildflowers and then we headed off deep into the mountains for their lakeside ceremony.

Hazy Skies and Picnic Receptions

It was such a beautiful day. A soft haze filled the air from nearby fires, making the landscape all the more dreamy. Adrianna walked out onto the shores of a glacier lake hand in hand with her father and they were led through the most beautiful ceremony. The wind blew her bridal cape so majestically as they exchanged vows and rings. Making promises to one another to always be true to each other and to keep the adventurous spirit in their relationship alive.

We all celebrated with a beautiful picnic of charcuterie, champagne and croissants before we said goodbye to the parents and continued on our adventure. Windows open, we put our foot on the gas and escorted the newlyweds to our next destination. The only problem was they weren’t behind us. We backed up and found that their van was having trouble starting. We flagged down some fellow travellers and managed to jump start old Chevy back to life and we were off! These real moments are what makes these intimate days so special. If everything went perfectly there would be no fun stories to tell and fun photos to go along with them!

Sunset and Sunrise Adventures

After winding through mountain roads we found ourselves at one of our favourite destinations to camp in the van. A cliffy outlook overlooking the river and mountains. Joey set up his BBQ and was truly in his element cooking up the most beautiful meal of steak and veggies. Perfectly paired with an Alberta Premium cocktail. When in Rome right? We spent golden hour taking photos and getting to know each other before setting our alarms early.

We knew just the perfect place for sunrise. A short but steep hike close by that gives you an amazing view over the lake and mountains. Right above where we had set up camp the overnight. We hiked up coffee and leftover treats from the picnic and witnessed the most incredible sunrise, intensified again by the smoke in the air. It was the perfect way to wrap up what was one of our favourite adventures of the year! Not because of the weather, the destination or the decor. But because of the sweet sweet people that we shared it with.


Photography: Willow and Wolf

Videography: A List Studio

Getting Ready Location: Storm Mountain Lodge

Flowers: Fabloomosity

Dress: Sash and Bustle, wearing the Orenda dress by Aesling

Hair and Makeup: Lillies and Lace, Sam Marvell

Catering: Wild Grazing and Wild Flour Banff

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