Mountain Elopement in Banff Alberta

Banff Elopement Photographers

Jackie & Erinn

Mountain Elopement in Banff Alberta

This mountain elopement in Banff, Alberta was such a breathtaking adventure in the Canadian Rocky Mountains! I like to think that things all happen for a reason and this morning was no exception. Jackie and Erinn had quite a few iterations of their wedding day. Each version adapting to the ever-changing restrictions in Alberta and BC.

Staying Flexible when Planning an Elopement in the Mountains

They initially were going to elope in the mountains but when gatherings were increased they decided to celebrate with a small group of their family and friends for their ceremony, then travel out to the mountains for a sunrise hiking adventure for their portraits. This meant that they could have two celebrations and not sacrifice any aspect of their day. But of course, this wasn’t the only change. As the wedding date drew nearer, BC issued regional restrictions preventing J and E from leaving their home area. They decided to postpone until later that summer and luckily we found a date in our schedule where we could make it happen!

Elopement Photos High Above The Clouds at Sunrise

All of these changes then lead them to this magical day. Where every second felt like we were dreaming. When you head out in the darkness of the early morning all you can see is the path in front of you lit up by your headlamp. You have no idea what views await you until the sun starts to rise. It is such a special experience and this is why we love sunrise sessions so much. There is always that element of surprise. This particular morning we were blown away!

It takes rare conditions to produce mornings temperature inversions like this in the mountains. With low clouds hanging in the valley, when you hike up above them, it feels like you are flying. The peaks of the mountains jutting out like islands out at sea. We had so much fun exploring this landscape with these two. Finding all the ridges and rocky points to explore.

Capturing the Essence of Each Couples Unique Love

Just like this day, timing was everything in their relationship. J and E new each other growing up and had kept making plans to catch up. The day they finally made it happen was almost serendipitous. They had both just got out of long term relationships and Erinn told us he just couldn’t stop thinking about Jackie. One thing, she was on a plane shortly after to teach English in Taiwan. So naturally Erinn took leave from his new job to go and find her and bring her back and the rest is history!

Jackie and Erinn were such great company and these photos really show their sense of adventure and love for one another. Hiking also gives us time to really get to know our couples and we really connected with their story. Their support for each other’s passions and their commitment to leading a creative and meaningful life. Erinn’s love for coffee and Jackie’s talent as a florist both lead them to steer away from the corporate world and pursue things that they love in life. Having someone special by your side supporting you really makes you feel like you can achieve anything.

We hope you enjoy this adventure high above the clouds! It was truly a morning to remember!


Photographers: Willow and Wolf