Camping Elopement in the Rocky Mountains

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Rachel and Brendon

Camping Elopement in the Rocky Mountains

This camping elopement in the Rocky Mountains was one adventure we will never forget! Rachel and Brendon wanted to do something intimate and unique for their wedding day. When they told us they were interested in backcountry camping, we couldn’t wait to help them find the perfect spot for them to tie the knot.

These two adventurous humans met while travelling through Europe and had a special bond. With Rachel being from Canada, and Brendon from New Zealand, these two have overcome the seas to be together. Something we know all too well. Their love for each other was so special to witness.

Staying Flexible When Planning an Adventure in the Mountains

After brainstorming some location ideas, we settled on an amazing area in BC by some alpine lakes. As their date drew nearer, the snowpack in this area was still high. Meaning we would be hiking and camping in a few feet of snow. We decided to go back to the drawing board and that is when we remembered this special spot, perched high above a lake in Alberta. We have been hiking around this area a lot and had always wanted to camp on this ridgeline. We knew it was free of snow and if you’re after a backcountry campsite with amazing views, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Planning a Mountain Top Wedding with your Friends

Rachel and Brandon invited a few close friends to share the day with them. We all met up at the trailhead and packed up our things. With their suits and dresses hanging from their bags, we made our way up the very steep trail to our campsite high on the ridge. Once we got to our destination, we gladly took off our bags and revelled in the views. After a steep hike like that, there is no better reward than 360-degree views of the mountains.

A Sunset Ceremony Followed by a Wedding Feast of Hot Dogs and Smores

We then set off up the ridge to find a clearing for their ceremony and within a few minutes, we found the perfect place. We decided to set up our tents first so we could enjoy their ceremony at golden hour. One of their lovely friends applied to be their officiant for the day making their ceremony at sunset even more special. With their best friends by their sides, Rachel and Brendon said the most beautiful words to each other.

After they said their ‘I do’s’ we made our way back down to camp where we made a fire and roasted up some hot dogs and smores. The perfect camping elopement dinner!

An Epic Sunrise to Top it All Off

Our alarms went off after a few hours of sleep and we headed off on our final journey. This time further up the ridge for sunrise! We knew it was going to be a beautiful morning as there was no clouds on the horizon and the air was still. We found the perfect little spot to explore as the sun peaked over the mountains. Rachel’s dress flowed so amazingly in the wind and the golden light lit them up as they explored around the cliffs.

Putting this gallery together we are reminded why camping elopements are our favourite way to celebrate. You get to enjoy each others company without any distractions and find a special place to soak it all in. We feel so grateful that these two invited us along to share these memories with them and we hope you enjoy their story.


Photography: Willow and Wolf
Groom’s suit: Tip Top Tailors
Rings: Peoples Jewellers
The pocket square and bow ties: The Tie Bar
Flowers: Flower Crowns
Beers hiked up from Silver Valley Brewing